Sustainable Resilient Coasts

COAST is a collaboration project between partners from Iceland, Finland, Ireland and Northern Ireland focusing on the future challenges and development of coastal areas.

The objectives of COAST is to develop a Sustainable Resilient Coasts Toolbox for local authorities, focusing on SMART Blue Growth, which is based on principles of Sustainability, Mitigation, Planning, Adaptation, Resilience and Transition. The Toolbox will include practical guidance to support local authorities in the protection, promotion and development of the unique natural and cultural heritage of the coastal zone within and beyond the NPA.

The COAST project is a 2-years project starting March 2020. 


Project Manager

Lead Partner

Dr. Ragnheidur I. Thorarinsdottir

Agricultural University of Iceland

Email: ragnheidur{at}

Tel: +354 433 5000

The COAST project was represented at the annual NPA conference held on September 23rd.

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The COAST project has published a report on the "Application of Drones Technology for the Sustainable Development of the Coastal Zone.

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In the April edition of Future Earth Coast Newsletter an article appeared announcing the COAST project affialation with Future Earth Coast.

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The COAST project kicked off during the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020. An unfortunate and unusual set of circumstances to start an International...

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