Cobalt bioregioning group visit the Westfjords, Iceland

The group were visiting Iceland to attend the Arctic Circle Assembly this week

Our COAST project member Maria travelled around Iceland with the COBALT bioregioning group to learn about the Westfjords, speak to people about how they see the place and what they wish for the future. They visited the old fishing station Osvör in Bolungervík and talked to experts at the Unversity Centre of the Westfjords about the region. On the way back they looked into the production plant of Saltverk where salt is extracted from the fjord using geothermal heat. To top it all off, they spotted two humpback wales in the fjord while from the moving van!! Our Icelandic COAST project members were excited to be at the Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavík. The conference has kicked off with a great opening session, and especially engaging female leaders: Katrín Jabosdóttir, prime minister of Iceland; a member of the new government of Greenland; and Nicola Sturgeon, first minister of Scotland. What a busy week!!