New publication on the use of drones to assist with the sustainable development of coastal areas.

A new study by a team of researchers from UCC has been published in the Estuaries and Coasts journal.

The academic publication, an output of the COAST project, is based on research by Dr. Sarah Kandrot and Dr. Paul Holloway on the "Applications of Drone Technology for Sustainable Development of the Coastal Zone". Developing the research further Dr. Holloway and Dr. Samuel Hayes, also of UCC, have now published their research in the journal Estuaries and Coasts. Titled "Applications of Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Technology to Support Integrated Coastal Zone Management and the UN Sustainable Development Goals at the Coast". This important research raises awareness of new and innovative applications of drone technology which can be applied by stakeholders for their own activities.

To read the full publication follow this link here: